We want everyone to know that WaveSpin, Inc. has switched gears from a manufacturing company to a Technology Company.

Our goal is to continue bringing new proven technology to the fish and boating world and making such available to interested companies.Individuals also have the ability to contact us with any product idea. We will assist in helping decide if your idea is a product or technology of potential value and if that product or technology is something that may need legal protection by way of patent(s). We can help put you in touch with the right people for legal needs or can handle the matter for you. We can also assist in finding manufacturers who would be willing to use that product or technology and help bring your idea to life. Basically we are able to help make your ideas as secure and profitable as possible.

We understand that some of the best ideas out there come from everyday people and anglers/boaters themselves. Maybe it is something they made to use for themselves and don’t realize the overall potential or have no idea on how to move forward with their idea or product. Maybe it’s just an idea they would like to get another set of eyes and ears on. Maybe they have already patented an idea or product and simply need to get it to market.

Whatever the case, we are here to help and at the very least assist in finding the proper contacts the best we can, so you can move forward.