About WaveSpin

Who We Are

WaveSpin, Inc. is a technology management company that thrives on bringing ideas to life. From 2007 – 2015 we even produced our own line of reels using our patented spool technology but closed the doors on the manufacturing side in November 10 2015.

WaveSpin was started by Doug Hannon (The Bass Professor), who’s mind was never idle. Doug’s biggest dream in life was to bring technology that made things better for all of us to life. Sadly Doug passed away in 2013.

In 2015 new owners of Doug’s patented technologies took over the intellectual property side of Doug’s designs and continue to review other intellectual property from a variety of sources. Angling Technologies, L.L.C.consist of three partners who are well versed in fishing as well as business, Jeff Harkavy, Raleigh Werking and Russ Riley.

Angling Technologies, L.L.C. renewed the existing agreements previously held by WaveSpin for exclusive licensing and sub-licensing rights to WaveSpin Spool Technology and MicroWave Guide Technology. Since that time WaveSpin has converted itself from a company who worked in both manufacturing as well as technology management to one what only handles the later.

WaveSpin, Inc. is owned by small group of share holders and is a privately held company. Our goal, as stated on our Service Offered page is to work with anyone who believes they may have a idea or product that deserves a closer look. In a world where ideas and designs are all to often stolen away from the true originator(s) WaveSpin offers a safe and secure place for anyone to bring their ideas for a review without the worry of that idea being stolen away from them.