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WaveCast Spool Comparisons

How WaveSpin™ Eliminates Tangles
During the retrieve, on traditional spinning reels loops are inevitably formed when small increments of slack line are reeled onto the spool. With a standard smooth spool these loops often crawl together forming a hair pin or even a twisted loop that overhangs the spool lip (fig. 1). During the cast, a high-speed, high-energy line is pulled tight against the spool lip, engages the loop and snatches it and all the line spooled on top of this loop off in the form of a “birdnest.” With WaveSpin™, as a loop forms across the face of the spool, it is forced to exit and re-enter the spool through the paths of least resistance as a single, tight loop at the base of the waves (fig. 2). In the cast, as the line skims harmlessly over the peaks of the waves, it never contacts the loops hidden safely down between the waves. Loops leave the spool unnoticed in the normal sequence of the cast and tangles are completely eliminated.

Other reels may make these exact, verbatim claims, but only WaveSpin has suceeded. Spinning reels originated in Europe, but it took American Inginuity and WaveSpin to solve their biggest problem. DO NOT believe the false claims of others.


Why WaveSpin™ Casts Farther
It is a well-known fact that a high-speed boat runs faster over a wavy surface than on smooth water. When running on top of a choppy water surface (the waves), it encounters the least amount of surface friction. This allows the boat to run faster. This is because hull friction and drag with the water are minimized by contact only on the tops of the waves. Doug Hannon’s WaveSpin™ reel is designed using this same proven principle. As the line leaves the spool during the cast, it touches only on top of each “wave peak,” producing a minimum amount of friction and drag, compared with traditional smooth, round spool designs. Since virtually all friction is eliminated as the line leaves the spool, you’ll enjoy longer and more accurate casts.

WaveSpin™ has features and benefits the
Pro’s appreciate, and the beginners love.

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