Infinity Weight

Infinity Weights – available for licensing

New Pat’s. Pending weight.

We have named this new weight and clip design “infinity weights”, because the applications for the weights and line clips are only limited by the anglers imagination.

These weights have built in locking which allow both the line and the lure to be connected to the weight and held securely in place. The weight can’t move from the location it was placed regardless of how it is used.

The larger wire loop at the base of the weight prevents the weight from ever coming in contact with the hook, lure or line knot. This allows the lure to have a totally free flowing action which provides greater life-like movement. The free flowing action also helps greatly in preventing snags and hang ups on weeds or obstacles because the lure flows over, around or through them freely. This design also allows the hook to pivot into the fish during a strike from the side.

Since the line is tied into a wire loop at the smaller end and attached to the lure to the opposite end, it is not possible for the weight to slide up and down the line, it stays solidly in place insuring the lure action works as the anglers set up was intended. The means never having to peg the weight, less line wear and the weight can never squash against the knot, hook or lure. An angler can even release the lock and pull the wire out of the weight to change hooks or lures without re-tying.

The weights and line clips can be produced in various materials, sizes, and styles. The weights can also be connected together in order to customize the desired set-up the angler requires. They work in every application we have thought of; Texas Rig, Carolina Rig and even Drop Shot set ups. They can be added to any lure for extra weight without changing the action of the lure. They can be customized as a stand-alone lure by being made into jigs, flies, spinners, etc… all leaving the hook free flowing for better hook sets and more fish caught.