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WaveSpin™ Reels - "Catch the Wave"
Testimonial Page

I was going to type up a small feedback letter, but instead I will just tell you now by email.

I have used Shimano, Quantum and Abu Garcia spinning reels. But not one of these companies has provided me the smoothness and comfort ability as WaveSpin. Being an Oklahoma tournament fisherman, I don't get to see much clear water or do a lot of "necessary" finesse fishing. Which means when I do pick up a spinning reel I'm kind of like a 3 year old with a machine gun. Things could get messy real fast. But, with this reel I honestly never made a hesitated cast, meaning I did not have to worry about all of the tangles or the loops in my line creating a problem. When I made my casts I would be able work the lure on the retrieve at the pace and style I wanted without worry of potential line issues. So, with this being said, in all honesty, if I were to rate WaveSpin on a scale from 1 to 10....without a doubt it would rate an 11 in my book. I can't wait to get more.

Tyler Dennis

I bought three DH 3000 WaveSpin Models throughout the summer from CastAway College Fishing Program. I must say that at first I was very skeptical but after using them during the FLW College Series my skepticism was taken away. I noticed how smooth the operate and how much less I was, if at all, having to untangle my line. I have let many of my friends try my WaveSpin Reels and they were highly surprised at how well they perform. So, I have purchased more to convert all by spinning combo's over to WaveSpin. Thanks for making a great product and for being part of the college program.

Jonathan Coholich
Student at LaRoche College


I am a loop tossing angler as there has ever been with a spinning reel. The older I get the more prolific loop thrower I become. Doesn't matter which way I flip my new spool of line when I am loading my reel, or if I walk off 200 yards of line in my yard (and my neighbors) and then spool the line or if I go to the local outdoors store and have them spool me up with there equipment, I will still toss a mess into my line. This past couple of weeks I have been using your DHxL model and I have not tossed one tangle. That includes a windy trip to Tims Ford lake near Tullahoma, TN. We were tossing small Tuffy Minnows with splitshot barely larger than bb size. Not only do your reels look good, they may be Doug proof (me, not you). I look forward to trying your larger models. You have a new WaveSpin fan.

Doug Markham

I spent about three hours yesterday on the Ludington, MI pier casting spoons in a difficult 20 mph North wind, for Salmon. Was very pleased with the way my WaveSpin DH 4000 performed. I have 15 lb braid on it and was getting very nice downwind/cross casts. I was chuckling as I was routinely tossing spoons twenty yards further than the fishermen down the wall from me. The drag is the smoothest and strongest I have ever used and I was very pleased with the gear smoothness also. I am very happy that I did not pay an extra $100 for the big name Japanese reel. I am already looking one of your smaller models for my lighter spinning rod.

Scott Holcomb
Ludington, MI

There is no need to thank me for my buying such an excellent product. Such a fine reel pretty much sells itself. The outstanding quality of your reels paired with your fantastic customer service will have me buying WaveSpin Reels again. I would not hesitate recommending your products to my friends and family, as a matter of fact my neighbor is having me order one for him. My sincerest thanks.

Dan George
Ontario, Canada

I've done my review of the WaveSpin DH 4000z and I enjoy this reel so much that I am now back in Florida fishing for Snook and it has been fabulous. I believe I will be getting another WaveSpin to match my other rod. The reel is great - long casting and no line foul ups with just a uni-knot. I must add that the drag system never chattered on these big fish. Thanks again.

Ed Ottenthal
Coastal Angler Magazine

Dear WaveSpin,

I purchased one of your reels at the NBAA Spring Classic that was held at Kentucky/Barkley Lake in Kentucky this last spring. I was very hesitant to purchase because I thought there was no way it would work, much to my surprise it is the best reel I have ever used for finesse fishing. It works great and I would recommend it to anyone, I give it Five Stars.

Randy Fitton

Just a note; I caught a 20 lb Musky yesterday on the New River in VA. The WaveSpin has a great drag as I had 6 lb test line but still landed this fish in about 15 minutes. I also caught two 18 inch Smallmouth. I love these reels.

Dave Martin
Greensboro, NC

I received my repaired reel back yesterday, 5 days after I sent it in for a minor problem. My WaveSpin Reel looks and works great. You have made me a lifelong WaveSpin user and I really appreciate you high level of quality and customer service. . . truly Amazing.

Dan Terry

Thanks so much for sending me a replacement drag knob after I lost mine. When I had hair it was blonde (don't tell my wife as she is a blonde). I am anxiously waiting for another new WaveSpin Reel and can't wait to get it on one of my other rods. I have really enjoyed the DH 4000z. This reel has outperformed many of the higher end reels I own. I won't be wasting any more of my money on those types reels again.

Fred Mollica
Jupiter, FL

We received the WaveSpin Reels you sent and took them out today. I have to tell you I have used a lot of different reels than have been sent to us but the WaveSpin has put them all to shame. It was an absolute pleasure to use in all aspects. We will be putting up some videos and I look forward to using the DHxL model in more finesse type applications as well. I would also like to know what rod companies will be using the MicroWave Guide we saw at ICAST.

Dave Jackman

I purchased a DHxL a DH 3000z and a DH 4000 several months ago and I love them. Smooth action and a great drag. I don't think I would ever be satisfied with any other reel brand again. You guys need to market to us shallow water saltwater fisherman more aggressively.

Ken Howard
Satsuma, AL

I have been using and testing Doug Hannon's WaveSpin Reels since there were in early design stages years ago. As a guide, I use them every day in my business from catching 30 pound stripers at Lake Lanier to luring Rainbow and Brown Trout in the Chattahoochee River. In addition, I always carry a couple with me on my trips around the globe as an outdoor travel editor/writer/photographer and I can assure anyone that these are the best reels I have ever owned? If you don't already own one then you surely need to try one.

Bill Vanderford
Active Member of: OWAA, SATW, SEOPA, NATJA and GOWA
Inductee of the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame
Award Winning Writer / Photographer

I am amazed that even with 2 pound test this WaveSpin 3000 size is Tangle Free. I have been using it all week at the State Fair in Springfield to demonstrate casting and fishing. The WaveSpin Reel was used when I got it from Don Mellish. I will be ordering one of this size and one the next size larger. I have already emailed everyone from Dale Bowman to Charlie Potter to sing the praises of this great development in fishing.

Dan Basore

I love my WaveSpin DH 3000 that I recently purchased at Bass Pro Shops. I don't know what else to say except GREAT JOB to everybody at WaveSpin! You guys keep up the great work.

Chris Joles

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I have put my WaveSpin Reel through it's paces and LOVE IT. I've caught a Lemon Shark off Sanibel Island in Florida, Snook, Redfish and an 8 pound permit. The drag is smooth as silk and the reel has never given me a single birds nest. I love the reel and wanted to say thanks, it is now my go-to reel and I would take it again in an instant and have really enjoyed as well as use it more often than I ever imagined I might. Like I said, it is the one I reach for first. Great Product and I have sung it praises since my first outing with it. I just wanted to say thank you and I love the reel.


I'm still very happy with all three WaveSpin Reels I purchased from Cabela's. It has been awhile and your product still performs properly and I have still never backlashed, ever. My son uses the DHxL exclusively when spin fishing. This note is just to let you know how well the reels have held up. Thanks for a great reel.

Don Eddy

My name is Dave Snowberger and I am the President of the Jefferson Township Conservation Club, Inc. I personally own four of your WaveSpin Reels and also have 12 of the Shimano Spirex reels and I can't remember going on a fishing trip and not having to deal with line tangles until buying the WaveSpin Brand. These truly take the frustration out of a good day of fishing. Thank you.

We had a great first outing this year other than not being able to find the Crappies.... had a nice spinner bait bite going with those aggressive bass, they were knocking slack in the line when hitting the lure. As always the fish were cookie cutters. Mostly 12-14 inches but what a hoot. A cold front moved in early and we switched to finesse rods. Mine had my new WaveSpin and as expected it worked flawlessly. Only caught three fish on it but I can tell that it's going to be a great set-up. Another couple of weeks, then the big girls will come out to play and I will have that rod in my hand most of the time. I can already see I'll have to get more and put one on my son's rod as well.

Gregg Austin
Austin Custom Rods

WOW, I could not believe that Mr. Hannon personally called me to let me know what was going on with with my lost WaveSpin order. I was a pleasure to talk with him and he gave me some great tips. I cannot say in words how great your customer service has been, I have never seen anything like it. The quality of the WaveSpin Reel I received was exciting. I have paid four times a s much for other reels and they don't stand up to WaveSpin. I will be purchasing several more WaveSpin Reels that's for sure.

larry L. Dawson
Lewiston, Idaho

I have another comment on your WaveSpin Reels. All I can tell you is these reels have held up better and any reel we have ever used. Glad things are going well and know you have a great product. Thanks.

Walt Disney World's Guided Fishing ExcursionsDoug,
Young angler experiencing a Wave Spin Reel for the 1st timeLast week I had this kid & his Dad out on a guide trip, when about mid morning the kid ask me what was wrong with the reel he was using. I ask him what was the problem and he replied, this reel don't mess up and backlash like the other reels do. I said it's because it's a WaveSpin Reel, and guaranteed not to backlash.
I am changing to theWaveSpin Reels for all my guide trips. When I use casting reels 90% of my customers can't use them and I don't like spinning reels because of the constant backlashes and line twists. Now with the wavespin reel my customers have the ease of a spinning reel without the hassle.


Article written by Kelly Bostian for the Tulsa World newspaper in Oklahoma
New Reel Nice, Not Perfect (PDF file)

Hello Russ;
My name is Dave Snowberger, I am the President of the Jefferson Township Conservation Club Inc. www.jtcconline.com . I personally own four of your Wave Spin Reel, I have two of the DH3000 and two of the DHXL. I also have 12 of the Shimano Spirex reels and I can't remember going on a fishing trip and not having to deal with line tangles until buying the WaveSpin DH series reels. This truly takes the frustration out of a good day of fishing.

Thank you
Dave Snowberger President.
Jefferson Township Conservation Club Inc.

It was nice to meet you at ICAST and I appreciate Brandy with CastAway bringing me over to your booth and introducing me to your reels. My husband and I had the opportunity to try the reels out last weekend, and I can't express how impressed I was with them. As I told you, all I have to do is look at a spinning reel and it will backlash. Therefore that is the main reason I never really wanted to use them although there were certain applications along the tournament trail where I needed to use one. I could never put line on without line twist, and I mean I had tried and been told every trick in the book, me and spinning reels just didn't get along. In preparation for our trip, I was trying to put line on the reels and no matter what I did or how I tried to hold the line it was twisting, I got aggravated and just put the line on the reel anyway. I really expected that the fist cast I tried to make would be a disaster since I was having such difficulties spooling them. However I must admit and this is why I am so impressed, I fished with the reel for an entire day and NEVER had the first mishap. WaveSpin cast like a charm, I was amazed. Having said that I would like to thank you again for the reels and making my life easier.

Pam Martin-Wells, Pro Angler

I too am enjoying the WaveSpin Reels...
They have definitely been put through the tests on "Reel Road Trip"! 70 lb tarpon which we're editing now, 8 lb spadefish in NC, we had landed a whack of spades with other WaveSpin Reels that day - fish hit so hard, the braided line I had my finer on (to feel the sensitive spadefish bite), dug in right to the bone!!! Amongst other species... I use the WaveSpin Reels recreationally as well.

Mark Melnyk, Host of "Reel Road Trip"
World Fishing Network

All companies should be run like yours. Thanks for everything; I will recommend WaveSpin to everyone.
Chuck Starr, San Antonio, TX


Here is a picture of a nice fat Michigan Smallmouth caught on one of you WaveSpin DHxL Reels. This little reel is awesome and the best I have ever had, perfect performance and my favorite for longer, tangle-free casts, as well as the best drag I have ever felt.

Don Wirth-Creator of Bass Master's "Harry and Charlie"

I just thought I would take the time to tell the people at WaveSpin my take on their reels. I fish saltwater about 2 days a week and have tried many reel conventional and spinning. The WaveSpin is so much better than any reel I have ever tried and it should have it own class. Starting with the handle, GREAT feel NO flex, it does what a handle should do (let you crank). Same thing with the reel stem LOVE the flat spot to fit between your fingers and again no flex. The reels are smooth and tight with no slop at all, NONE, last but not least is the spool system, works perfectly as advertised and I had ZERO bird nests in my first 9 hour fishing trip. I had two reels that day, first was an Okuma SAF 55 and your WaveSpin DH 4000. I was into a school of striped bass and blues 10-15 pounds after about the 8th fish and second birds nest with the Okuma I threw it down and picked up the smaller DH 4000 and it handled the fish with no problems, even better that the Okuma and ZERO bird nests for the rest of the day. 10 more stripers 26-32 inch and 7 blues 12-14 pounds. I am sold baby, good bye Okuma.

Bronislaus Taurinski

Dear Russ,

My WaveSpin Reel has been fished often on the beach, which as you know is a harsh environment and, and for wading in the flats. It has thousands of cats and retrieves under its belt and has worked flawlessly even on fish exceeding 100 lbs. It's my favorite reel and I am always quick to point its good point out to other serious fishermen.

Vince Giaimo

Dear Doug and Russ,

You company XXX-Stream Tackle Inc./WaveSpin Reels is first class. My wife and I were surprised and pleased with your company's prompt response and solution to our inquiry regarding the problem we were having with our WaveSpin Reel. We are 100% satisfied customers. You will have our repeat business.

James H. Post

Dear Mr. Riley,

First of all, sincere thanks for the WaveSpin Reel. In my short 72 years I've experienced the class, ethics and integrity in going the extra mile to provide superior customer service as demonstrated by you and WaveSpin in three other instances:
#1. In 1984 Lexus came out with their new line of cars, Shortly thereafter they dealt with a recall issue by recalling every vehicle and have since became one of the premier auto manufacturers in the world.
#2. During a bench rest sighting process my Leupold spotting scope fell of the rest and broke a part. I told Leupold the fault was mine and if they would send me a replacement part I would be happy to pay for it. They sent me a new part at no charge.
#3. I ordered a $250 pair of Danner boots from Cabela's for a hunting trip to Idaho, wore them a week and never wore them again as I had received the wrong size. After delays on my part and a lot of nagging from my wife, 5 years later I took them back to Cabela's and to my astonishment they gave me a store credit of $180.

As things don't always work out, as illustrated above, thanks to you and your handling of my WaveSpin issues, you and WaveSpin will now be included as #4 in my lifetime of unbelievable stories and maximum customer service and satisfaction. Thank you for your personal touch and for taking the time and multiple communications. I wish you and WaveSpin, God speed and continued success with your product line.

Richard E. Koelling

I just wanted to take a moment to comment on the Doug Hannon WaveSpin Reels:
With a full-time desk job during the day, the only time I can make it out on the water is in the darkness of night-time fishing... a scenario that makes for tough fishing when you get wind knots that you can't see in the dark. I take out many novice anglers and non-fishing savvy friends and I find myself handing them the WaveSpin Reels for fishing at night because I don't get the wind loop problems like I've had with other reels. I'm not an engineer and I don't know how or why this reel reduces those wind knots but I don't care, it works, and it's given us more time to fish rather than spending the time in darkness trying to untangle spectra knots. A great product, and a drag that lands big fish like the tarpon in the photo I sent you. And when it comes to changing the line on the reel it's a breeze with the spool-separation capability.

Adrian Gray, Marine Artist - IGFA

I am the proud owner of a new WaveSpin Reel. In a word, it is awesome. I could not wait to try it and it performed flawlessly with NO line tangling, absolute butter smooth drag and just great operation throughout. The reel never gave me a single problem! I had thought about replacing the round handle with a paddle type but found it to be quite comfortable and it provided excellent torque on the retrieve. Now I am dying to get my hands on the DHxL light model. WaveSpin Rules!

Keith Forseberg, MN

Greetings Russ,

The WaveSpin Reels are incredible… to say the least. I had never before been much of a spinning reel angler. Since the WaveSpin, that has changed. Just the fact that I no longer have birdnests to pick is worth its weight in gold. I put two of the reels on new Skeleton Rods by CastAway Rods... and I can fish this set up all day with no wrist, arm or shoulder fatigue. Again I thank Doug and you for such awesome reels. May God bless and tell Doug I said thanks.

Mary DiVincenti, Pro Angler

I have fished four tournaments so far this season and have not walked off my line yet! I fished with my partner and he had to untangle his line four times while I continued fishing... it was great not having to waste fishing time to untangle any line.

Linda Ward, MI- tournament angler

I am glad to hear things continue to go so well for WaveSpin Reels, it does not surprise me any. I have had some pretty good success with the reels, yesterday I fished the BBT-NBAA super Bass on Muskegon Lake with Jack Horning. We had a great day despite the 30 mph wind and pouring down rain for half the day, ending up in second place and landed the third largest bass to boot with a 5 lb smallmouth. Those WaveSpin Reels really held up well in the wind and rain and never missed a beat. I have now changed all but one reel to WaveSpin and I love them, as soon as I get my hands on the larger DH 4000 I shall have replaced all my spinning reels with WaveSpin. I truly believe in these reels and know they will be a huge hit in the future.

Don Watts, NBAA-semi pro bass angler


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